Adele si sta aprendo sul dramma che circonda la sua residenza a Las Vegas ora riprogrammata, mesi dopo la cancellazione della lista originale degli spettacoli. Qualcuno potrebbe ricordare come, un giorno prima della prima esibizione programmata, la cantante si sia recata su Instagram e ha rivelato che stava posticipando l’inizio della residenza. “Abbiamo provato assolutamente tutto il possibile per metterlo insieme in tempo e perché fosse abbastanza buono per te”, ha detto. “Ma siamo stati assolutamente distrutti dai ritardi di consegna e dal COVID”. La cantante di “Easy On Me” ha continuato spiegando che a gran parte della sua squadra era stato diagnosticato il virus, rendendo quasi impossibile preparare lo spettacolo in tempo.

Adele said the residency had 'no soul'

Fans of Adele may have been disappointed when the singer canceled her previously announced Las Vegas residency, but she says the move was made with good intentions. The London native, who appears on the September cover of Elle, told the publication, "There was just no soul in it. The stage setup wasn't right. It was very disconnected from me and my band, and it lacked intimacy." The "Oh My God" singer went on to explain that the moment – which she called "the worst" in her entire career – left her feeling embarrassed. Adele also recounted a moment during dress rehearsals when she became so frustrated that she stopped the session and instead performed acapella. "This would be the best part of the show," she added. "For me, and for you. This is what I want."  

The singer's sentiments were echoed by her longtime manager, Jonathan Dickins, who emphasized Adele's desire to remain an authentic artist. "For her to go out and perform a show she's not happy with would be a lie to the fans," Dickins told the publication. 

Adele announced the rescheduled residency dates in July, and was sure to once again extend her apologies to her fans. The string of shows is set to kick off on November 18 at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. Tickets for opening night have already hit resell websites, with prices starting at $800.


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