La star di “Queer Eye” Karamo Brown ha iniziato a frequentare il suo attuale fidanzato, Carlos Medel, dopo aver chiuso con il suo ex fidanzato, Ian Jordan, nel 2020 (per Persone). Jordan e Brown si sono fidanzati nel 2018 ma hanno concluso il loro fidanzamento/relazione durante la pandemia. L’ex coppia ha promesso di rimanere amici, anche se sembravano essersi separati verso la fine della loro relazione e hanno deciso di andare avanti romanticamente. Qualche tempo dopo che Brown e Jordan si sono lasciati, la star di “Queer Eye” ha “accidentalmente” apprezzato una delle foto di Medel su Instagram, il che ha spinto l’art director a contattare, e questo resto sembra essere storia.

And while the couple appears to be in a great place now, Brown is making it clear that every relationship has its own set of unique challenges.

Karamo Brown opens up about his relationship with Carlos Medel

Karamo Brown, one of the stars of the hit TV series "Queer Eye," appeared on the "Not Skinny But Not Fat" podcast and opened up about his relationship with Carlos Medel. He assured fans that they're still very much in love, but have been having some tough conversations recently. When asked how his relationship was going with Medel, Brown replied, "We're doing great. But we were talking transparently before and I was saying like, you know, I get nervous sometimes because he's 33, I'm about to be 42, and so it's like, there's different life things that we're at." The reality TV star explained that while he is already established and financially secure, Medel is just starting out with his career. 

Lately, Brown has been focused on promoting his new children's book with his son Jason "Rachel" Brown, "I'm Okay To Feel," per Instagram. Although Medel is not quite on the same page as Brown career-wise, that doesn't seem to be a deal-breaker for the duo. The 41-year-old continued, "I want marriage, he's younger and he's like, 'I don't know.' And so it's like nothing is causing a problem, but I get nervous about things and so right now I'm in the place of, 'Let's have conversations about those things.'"

Brown revealed that he hopes Medel is "the one," but "if not, real talk, I'm one of those people that I know that what needs to be, will be and will come."


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