Il 30 novembre, la musicista dei Fleetwood Mac Christine McVie è morta all’età di 79 anni dopo essere stata ricoverata in ospedale per una malattia non specificata (per TMZ). La sua famiglia ha dato la triste notizia su Instagram e anche Stevie Nicks ha utilizzato la piattaforma per condividere un messaggio congiunto dei membri sopravvissuti dei Fleetwood Mac. “Era davvero unica, speciale e talentuosa oltre misura. Era la migliore musicista che chiunque potesse avere nella propria band e la migliore amica che chiunque potesse avere nella propria vita”, si legge in parte nella dichiarazione.

Nicks's witchy role in "American Horror Story: Coven" was proof of her pop culture staying power, while McVie suggested that she never got the credit she was due. "Not too many women have said, 'Thanks for groundbreaking,' to be honest," she told The Guardian in June 2022. However, she never viewed Nicks as a rival.

The meaningful gift Stevie Nicks gave Christine McVie

Christine McVie was a member of Fleetwood Mac for a few years before Stevie Nicks joined the group in 1974, and the British songstress welcomed the American newcomer with open arms. Instead of seeing McVie as a rival, Nicks viewed her as an ally. "We made a pact, probably in our first rehearsal, that we would never accept being treated as second-class citizens in the music business," Nicks recalled in a 2013 interview with The Guardian. "That when we walked into a room we would be so fantastic and so strong and so smart that none of the uber-rockstar group of men would look through us."

In 1984, McVie told Rolling Stone she and Nicks had drifted apart and were barely speaking to one another. They both left Fleetwood Mac in 1990, though the tempestuous band reunited years later. However, McVie decided to make a permanent exit in 1998, telling The New Yorker she'd become terrified of flying. The group took McVie's words to heart, though they made plans to reunite in 2013. McVie was the holdout, and Nicks told The Guardian that she begged her bandmate to come back, saying, "I miss her like flowers need the rain."

McVie finally gave in. Speaking to The New Yorker, she described a meaningful gift that she received from Nicks. "Stevie gave me this chain," she said. "It's a metaphor, you know. That the chain of the band will never be broken. Not by me, anyways."


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