La carriera pubblica di Amanda Bynes è stata piena di alti e bassi. È diventata famosa come una prolifica star bambina, apparendo in mosse come “What a Girl Wants” e “She’s the Man”, oltre a recitare in una sfilza di programmi televisivi. Ma dopo una serie di bizzarri incidenti pubblici che si sono conclusi con una sospensione psichiatrica, un giudice ha ordinato alla madre di Bynes, Lynn, di essere la tutrice dell’attore. L’accordo, iniziato in quasi nove anni, è terminato nel marzo 2022, lasciando a Bynes il pieno controllo delle sue decisioni finanziarie e personali.

"Amanda appreciates the love and support of her fans during this time," Bynes' attorney, David A. Esquibias, told TMZ. Adding, "Now that the conservatorship has ended, she looks forward to completing her bachelor's degree and living her life."

And while Bynes's future post-conservatorship initially seemed promising, the former Hollywood starlet seems to be in muddy waters once more. Now, she's making some shocking claims about her relationship with fiancé Paul Michael.

Amanda Bynes allegedly found her fiancé's 'stash of crack cocaine'

Nearly a month after being released from a nine-year conservatorship, Amanda Bynes is making troubling allegations about her fiancé, Paul Michael. "Paul told me that he stopped taking his medications," Bynes said in the since-deleted video (via Page Six). She also mentioned that Michael "vandalized his mom's home."

The former actor goes on to allege that Michael relapsed six months ago and had "found [his] stash of crack cocaine." According to Page Six, Michael has since disputed the accusations, stating he was unsure of "what the f**k she's talking about," referencing Bynes' claims.

A few hours after Bynes posted the first video to her Instagram Story, she followed up with a series of videos addressing her previous accusations. "I went to CVS and bought a drug test. Paul tested clean," she revealed. For his part, Michael confirmed to E! News that he is in fact sober, and that he and Bynes are "moving past this moment."


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