Non è un segreto che Bethenny Frankel non sia una grande fan della piattaforma di social media TikTok. A settembre, l’ex star di “Real Housewives of New York” è stata informata che un utente sulla piattaforma ha manipolato un suo vecchio video per far sembrare che stesse promuovendo una versione contraffatta di un cardigan firmato. All’epoca Frankel realizzò un TikTok spiegando la situazione e facendo sapere che la pubblicità era completamente falsa e non creata da lei.

It's been clear that Frankel has been pushing for TikTok to make a change and put an end to scammers taking advantage of users and content creators. However, now, she's taken her fight against the platform to a whole new level.

Bethenny Frankel is taking legal action against TikTok

Former "RHONY" star Bethenny Frankel is taking her battle with TikTok to new heights, as she is now suing the platform. Frankel is claiming that after a fake advertisement was posted using her image, her reputation "suffered significant injury and irreparable harm" (via Page Six). She is blaming the platform for not monitoring users more closely and is calling on TikTok to make changes and protect content creators. A representative for TikTok told The Washington Post in response that they already have "strict policies to both protect people's hard earned intellectual property and keep misleading content off of TikTok."

However, Frankel is evidently moving forward with the lawsuit and making that known to her social media followers. Frankel posted a lengthy caption on Instagram regarding her lawsuit against TikTok and wrote, "Social media, and its impact as the most powerful medium on the planet, cannot be a reckless marketplace where people risk their rights and privacy being violated without protection." She explained that she would not stop until all creators are protected.

Frankel is being praised by countless individuals online for fighting back. In the comment section on Instagram, one user replied, "Thank you ... because it's not fair to us consumers as well!!!" Another Instagram user even wrote, "Please run for NYC mayor." It's unclear how TikTok may attempt to fix this issue, but Frankel does not seem to be giving up this fight anytime soon.


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