Chiamando tutto il Bey Hive a “Formazione!” Da un po’ di tempo circola la voce sui social media dopo che le persone hanno notato che la regina madre Beyoncé ha rimosso la sua foto del profilo su tutte le piattaforme il 10 giugno. Mentre si specula su cosa potrebbe significare, il 15 giugno, Beyoncé Account Twitter della Fondazione BeyGOOD ha condiviso un collage di copertine di album per celebrare il Black Music Month. Gli stans hardcore di Beyoncé funzionano meglio dell’FBI, perché hanno finito per individuarli un uovo di Pasqua che ha nascosto all’interno del tweet. L’immagine sconcertante era di una mano intinta di rosso che indicava la copertina dell’album del 2020 del leggendario artista R&B Brandy “B7”. I fan erano in fermento, ipotizzando se questo fosse un sottile accenno al presunto settimo album in studio di Beyoncé.

To pump up the speculation even further, Beyoncé decided to play around with The Hive and posted "What is a B7?" to her website. Fans everywhere are ready to rumble with anything the reigning music royalty throws their way. "That random untraceable arm on the album cover BeyGood hid next to Brandy's B7? Yep. That's Bey you guys–though obviously shot from a slightly diff angle. @Beyonce if you want us to play Blue's Clues I'm ready!!," one fan tweeted. A super fan went full detective mode and tweeted, "The ratio of Beyoncé's forearm length to hand length is the SAME as the ratio of forearm length to arm length in the mystery picture B7 is coming!!!"

Now, the wait is officially over, because the album is finally here — almost.

Beyoncé is dropping a new album called RENAISSANCE

When Beyoncé says she stops the world, and the world stops? She's not being facetious. On June 16, at 1:22 a.m., Tidal announced two words, one date: "Beyoncé. RENAISSANCE. July 29," via Twitter. A hush came over the late-night lurkers on Twitter for a split second, then a bomb of Bey Hive bees swarmed the internet with "#BEYONCÉISCOMING." Beyoncé is now Tidal's second-largest shareholder since 2021, per The Guardian, so it's safe to say this is NOT a drill. Beyoncé is dropping "act i" of her highly anticipated album "RENAISSANCE" on July 29. On Beyoncé's website, there's a new update with special links that will either take you to her store to buy a "RENAISSANCE BOX SET" or to pre-save her album on Apple Music or Spotify. It is a 16-song project that features "act i," which means there might be more "acts" on the horizon after this release.

Fans all over Twitter are losing their minds over this surprise announcement. Internet star Keyon Elkins tweeted, "I'm crying cause I don't have a CLUE what this body of work will even sound like." Music producer Amorphous added, "WE DID IT Y'ALL. NEW BEYONCÉ ALBUM. AND A DATE?!?!?! GET UP!!!" One eagle-eyed fan even caught Beyoncé dropping a hint about her new album concept during her 2021 Harper's Bazaar interview. "'I feel a renaissance emerging, and I want to be part of nurturing that escape in any way possible.' – Beyoncé to Harper's Bazaar (2021)," the fan tweeted


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