Se stai leggendo questo, probabilmente sei già a conoscenza di Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner e Brody Jenner. Ma ci sono più membri di questa grande famiglia che hanno tentato di evitare i riflettori. In una breve lezione sulla genealogia di Hollywood, l’albero genealogico Jenner ha l’ex atleta olimpica Caitlyn Jenner in cima. Il prossimo è il primo figlio di Caitlyn, Burt Jenner, dal suo matrimonio con Chrystie Crownover. Il suo secondogenito, Brandon Jenner, è dal suo secondo matrimonio con Linda Thompson. Brody Jenner è il figlio di Brandon e sua cugina Cassandra Marino è la figlia di Burt. Hai tutto questo?

Hopefully, everybody was paying attention because then they will understand that Brandon Jenner is Kylie's half-brother. Although he is 16 years older and not in regular contact, they share a parent in Caitlyn Jenner. Brandon appears to mainly keep up with Kylie via social media these days. This is probably (one of the many reasons) Brandon managed to creep everyone out with his comment to Kylie about her feminist and certainly NSFW recent bikini pics.

Brandon Jenner accused of creeping on little sis Kylie Jenner

Brandon Jenner managed to creep everyone out with his comment to Kylie Jenner because he's her half-brother, and the comment was, well, creepy. He's not a first-time offender, either — his comment on Kylie's pregnancy post also caused a stir, although for different reasons. The 40-year-old managed to play the role of creepster by commenting on some steamy pics his 24-year-old little sis posted on Instagram.

In support of the #FreeTheNippleMovement, Kylie shared photos of her wearing a John Paul Gaultier stretch latex, flesh-colored trompe l'oeil "naked bikini." The pics were taken upwards from the bottom of Kylie's bountiful breasts, magnifying her ample assets to the maximum degree. Oh, and the tiny triangle tops have huge nipples printed on either side. Brandon showed his approval and support via a couple of emojis in the comments section. Many were quick to remind him of their relationship. "Bro, that's literally ur lil sister," one commenter noted. "I think you could've kept your comment to yourself. Pretty weird," another advised. "Bruh if there was any post u should comment on from ur sister, this was not it," opined another, via The Sun.

Meanwhile, per Page Six, the bikini, designed in collaboration with the iconic punk-rock stylist Lotta Volkova, can be yours for just $325. Be quick, though, as it is rapidly selling out thanks to the Kylie effect. Poor Brandon will really have his work cut out Keeping up With the Commenting.


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