Telecamere e paparazzi non saranno mai qualcosa a cui Britney Spears si affezionerà. La cantante “Toxic” ha avuto una lunga storia di situazioni con i paparazzi e solo le persone, in generale, che invadono il suo spazio. E con la recente cessazione della sua tutela, sembra che tutti gli occhi siano di nuovo puntati sulla Spears.

Britney jokes pasta was best part of dinner

Britney Spears is blocking out the haters and making fun of her viral dinner video. Spears joked on her husband, Sam Asghari's, Instagram story about the "best thing" of the dinner. Spears said, "All right, the best thing about the TMZ video, to me personally — I'm starving — was the pasta," she continued, "What if I jumped from one table to the next in the video and I ate the pasta?" Spears said if she jumped from each table, it would be "hot." Asghari chimed in and said she would be like a cat. The short and sweet story showed the couple isn't taking things seriously, especially when they know what actually happened.

In fact, Asghari spoke to TMZ about what unfolded at the dinner. Asghari knows Spears will receive attention wherever she goes, but when the fellow diner pulled out their phone to record it felt "disrespectful." So, Asghari went to get the car and didn't storm out the way the previous eyewitness claimed. He said, 'It's frustrating. ... You know, when you sit down to have a meal and people get their cameras out and start filming you, it's disrespectful. But you know what it is, fame comes with the territory and that's it."

An employee at the restaurant later confirmed to Page Six that what Asghari had said was true. The employee said, "The disruptor wasn't Britney — it was the diner who taunted her by taking a video without consent." 


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