Le star di Hollywood non sono estranee al cyberbullismo e agli attacchi feroci dei troll di Internet. Ma, mentre alcuni preferirebbero ignorare i commenti negativi, altri semplicemente non si preoccupano abbastanza per rispondere. Ci sono, tuttavia, alcune stelle che semplicemente non lasceranno scorrere commenti sprezzanti; Cardi B è uno di quelli con cui non dovresti scherzare. Nel 2019, il rapper di “Motorsport” ha fatto notizia dopo essersi fermato a New York per affrontare un troll di Internet. “Non mi riferisco alla pesca a traina, mi tiro su,” ha detto Cardi in a video mostrando l’interazione.

Cardi B is not here for rumors

If there is one thing Cardi B will do, it is defend herself — and her man. On August 24, the rapper got into an online scuffle with a Twitter user who accused her husband Offset of cheating on her with Saweetie, Quavo's ex-girlfriend. In her response, Cardi accused the user of lying and making up things without any proof. "No blog ever spoke on this all of a sudden you come out of jail 5 days ago and you made up for lied in 2 hours wit NO RECEIPTS!," the rapper added. But it did not end there.

In another tweet, the troll also brought up Offset's criminal record, which includes a drug offense and weapon possession charges, per Billboard. Cardi, yet again replied, defending her man, whom she described as a hustler. "You bringing my n—- up trying to get me mad ...LETS NOT TALK ABOUT HUSBANDS NOW," she added.

The Twitter back and forth comes in the wake of Offset's feud with his record label, Quality Control. And even though Cardi largely avoids speaking about her man's business, the "Be Careful" rapper could not help herself this time. "Offset bought himself out his Qc deal after they didn't want to renegotiate his contract," she wrote (via Vibe). "I'm tired of people trying to make offset look like the bad guy .....ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!."


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