Chris Harrison si è separato dal franchise “Bachelor” nel 2021 dopo averne servito come presentatore per quasi due decenni. La decisione è arrivata un paio di mesi dopo che Harrison ha difeso la star di “Bachelor” Rachael Kirkconnell durante un’intervista con l’ex protagonista di “Bachelorette” Rachel Lindsay in Extra. A quel tempo, le foto di Kirkconnell a una festa anteguerra erano emerse online. Ne è seguito un contraccolpo, che ha portato Harrison a prendere la decisione di allontanarsi per un po’ dai suoi doveri di hosting, riporta Us Weekly. Pochi mesi dopo, però, il suo destino era segnato.

Chris Harrison compared his time on The Bachelor to a relationship

Chris Harrison seems to have learned some valuable lessons in the aftermath of his "Bachelor" departure. And while he says that he does have some things in the works, he admits that he's being mindful of the people he chooses to surround himself with. On "The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever," someone asked Harrison if he would ever host "The Bachelor" again. He replied, "It is so important who I work with or work for. I don't see a path back ... where I could find happiness and contentment." He went on to say that he is fairly certain that the team working on the ABC show feels "the exact same way."

Harrison then compared "The Bachelor" to its subject, saying, "This show, this whole concept is about relationships and I look at that question as a relationship ... most of us have made this mistake. When you get out of a relationship, it ended for a reason, you got out for a reason." Continuing the analogy, he decided, "Making the mistake of going back into a relationship, you do it sometimes for safety, you do it because it made you feel good, you're longing for something, we remember the good old days, the good times. You forget the bad in the relationship... what I learned in relationships, I would apply here."

This seems to solidify that Harrison is done with "The Bachelor" franchise ... for good.


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