Sono stati alcuni mesi stressanti per Ant Anstead e Christina Hall quando hanno scoperto la custodia del loro figlio di 2 anni, Hudson, nato durante il loro matrimonio di breve durata, secondo People. Dopo aver finalizzato il divorzio nel giugno 2021, l’ex duo ha deciso di condividere la custodia fisica e congiunta del figlio. Tuttavia, le cose hanno preso una svolta a maggio quando TMZ ha riferito sui documenti del tribunale che Anstead aveva presentato, in cui affermava che Christina stava trascorrendo poco tempo con il figlio più giovane.

Anstead was also unhappy about Hall using Hudson in paid social media posts, and alleged his ex failed to tell him that the youngster had tested positive for COVID-19 in January. He also said that after spending time with Hall, Hudson got a severe sunburn. Hall responded by calling Anstead's allegations "false," claiming the car buff was out to blow holes in her reputation. The custody hearing is set for June 28.

Despite their ongoing legal battle, both Anstead and Hall have made time for Hudson. Hall shared a family photograph from another beach day, while Anstead called Hudson his "little apprentice" and showed some snaps of them at a DIY store. Hall also  is preparing Hudson for another life change, this time concerning where he calls home.

Christina Hall latest move is quickly approaching

Christina Hall and her family are moving to a new house. People reports that the mother-of-three took to her Instagram on May 31 with a photo of her and Hudson cuddling. She wrote, "[O]ne week from today, we move into our new home." Seemingly, she is excited about the impending move. 

Hall first shared the news that they were going to move from Dana Point to Newport on April 24. She said, "We moved to Dana Point last summer after falling in love with the ocean view. We still LOVE the view but among other things we don't love the 90 minute round trip drive to and from the kids school. Back to Newport we go. Near school and friends and work." She also wanted their new home to be their long-term nest. Now, it seems as if her vision for a new abode has become a reality. She, Josh Hall, and the kids will be making their move in early June.  

As for Anstead, he remains focused on changing Hudson's custody arrangement, explaining to a fan his intentions may have been misunderstood. "Don't take away Hudson from his Mum you will never forgive yourself Ant," a commenter wrote on Instagram,  to which the "For The Love Of Cars" presenter responded, "[H]uh? who told you that? That's the LAST thing I want! (Don't believe the click bait press)." Perhaps, there's still a chance that Hudson's parents can resolve things amicably and Hall can settle into her new house without a custody battle to worry about.  


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