Dall’incontro sul set di “Saturday Night Live” nel 2021, la vorticosa storia d’amore di Kim Kardashian e Pete Davidson ha incluso una rievocazione storica di “Aladdin”, tatuaggi d’impulso e uno scambio di messaggi disordinato con Kanye “Ye” West. Ma anche se abbiamo potuto vedere la loro chimica svolgersi nell’iconico sketch show, così come in numerosi titoli da allora, dobbiamo ancora vederli interagire sulla telecamera come se stessi, fino ad ora.

Ahead of Season 2 of "The Kardashians," a preview for the Hulu show teased a look at the power couple in action: Kardashian can be seen asking "Babe, do you wanna shower with me really quick?" to which Davidson responded by dropping his things and following her into the bathroom. While Kardashian's ex-husband isn't exactly happy about the pairing, a quick glance at the comments shows near-unanimous support for her and Davidson. One fan said, "Pete is the perfect addition to this family – he is so fun and I bet him and Khloe [Kardashian] together will be 10 out of 10!," while another commented, "I can't help myself, I'm living for all of this Kim & Pete content."

While Davidson was only in the last few seconds of "The Kardashians" preview, it's likely he'll have a bigger role on the upcoming season. However, despite Davidson's previous TV experience, he still struggled to overcome some nerves about making his reality debut. Thankfully, after some advice from Kardashian, he'll likely be a natural in no time.

Kim Kardashian told Pete Davidson to 'be himself'

Despite the buzz about his appearance in "The Kardashians" trailer, Pete Davidson almost didn't film the show. He was reportedly worried about how he should act around the cameras, and didn't want the show to impact his relationship with Kim Kardashian. Kardashian's ex-husband Kanye "Ye" West felt the same way at first, rarely appearing on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" until the show's twilight years. Even then, Ye had a say in which footage was used, per The Hollywood Reporter.

On Davidson's addition to the series, a source told HollywoodLife: "Doing 'The Kardashians' was different for Pete because he is not playing a character. He found it difficult in the beginning because he isn't always funny all the time [...] He was just not sure if this is what would fly for the show since he thought that they were all counting on him to be the comedian that he is."

While we're likely to see plenty more comedic moments this season from the longtime "SNL" star, Kardashian has given Davidson the green light to show all sides of his personality. HollywoodLife's source continued, "Kim reassured [Davidson] that he will be fine and just to pretend that the cameras are not there [...] The only advice she really gave him was to just have fun and be himself." For better or for worse, that's exactly how the Kardashians have kept us talking since the 2007 premiere of "KUWTK."


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