I Grammy del 2023 sono stati pieni di momenti emozionanti. Dalla vittoria EGOT di Viola Davis, al look stravagante del tappeto rosso di Shania Twain, al supporto di Taylor Swift per la vittoria del Grammy di Harry Styles, la notte ha parlato sui social media. Naturalmente, le esibizioni musicali sono il pane quotidiano dei Grammy, con Styles, Lizzo e una sfilza di altri volti famosi che fanno tremare il palco. Tuttavia, i Grammy Veramente risplende durante le speciali esibizioni tributo, in cui musicisti di più generi si uniscono per dare il proprio tocco alle melodie classiche. Questo è il ruolo che Stevie Wonder, Chris Stapleton e Smokey Robinson hanno ricoperto il 5 febbraio.

Stevie Wonder and Chris Stapleton led a Tribute to Motown

Motown is the legendary record company we have to thank for hitmakers such as Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, The Jackson 5, Gladys Knight & The Pips, and so many more (via Motown Museum). And we can also thank Motown for Wonder's Grammy medley, including his duet with Chris Stapleton. According to Stereo Gum, the soulful Grammy performance was actually an extension of a recent MusiCares gala, where Motown founder and collaborator Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinson were honored for their contributions.

And while it's unclear where the decision to add Stapleton into the mix came from, it proved to be a great decision! Stapleton's rich, soulful voice blended effortlessly with Wonder's and took the song to a new level. Wonder and Stapleton didn't just contribute perfect vocals, however. They also lent the performance their instrumental skills, with Wonder playing the keyboard and Stapleton playing his guitar, per The Tennessean, providing a memorable performance that won't soon be forgotten.

Stevie Wonder and Chris Stapleton are the duo fans didn't know they needed

Naturally, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, and Chris Stapleton's performance has been well-received across social media. However, internet users seem especially impressed by Wonder and Stapleton's contributions. "I did not have Stevie Wonder and Chris Stapleton performing Higher Ground on my #Grammys2023 Bingo card but, yeeeees!!!" tweeted one excited fan. "The King of All Music Stevie Wonder jamming with Chris Stapleton was A MOMENT. Fantastic. 10s across the board" tweeted another fan, while pointing out Berry Gordy's delight from the audience. Another Grammy viewer applauded the show's decision to pair up Wonder and Stapleton. "Bro! I don't know whose idea it was to put Chris Stapleton on this stage with Stevie Wonder! But THAT was PHENOMENAL!  Love love love! And those four young men singing background, so amazing! And the OG Smokie Robinson still smooooth! Congrats to him and Barry Gordy!," tweeted the fan. 

"Stevie Wonder and Chris Stapleton singing 'Higher Ground' together was such a great choice," tweeted another fan. But this only scratches the surface of the positive responses, with one fan making a rather interesting observation. "I think the way black people really love Chris Stapleton is so hilarious lmao. #GRAMMYs," tweeted the user.


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