Per chi non lo sapesse, Aly e AJ non hanno mai smesso di fare musica. Il duo è diventato famoso nei primi anni grazie ai legami con Disney Channel e ha colpito singoli come “Like Whoa” e “Chemicals React”. Anche se sono passati 14 anni senza pubblicare un album, il gruppo gemello sta ancora una volta sfornando bop. Il loro nuovo stile è ovviamente un suono più maturo rispetto alle loro canzoni precedenti, e hanno persino pubblicato una versione esplicita di “Potential Breakup Song”. Sono stati in tour anche lo scorso anno e ora hanno appena pubblicato il loro nuovo singolo, “With Love From”. È anche il titolo del loro prossimo album, in uscita nella primavera del 2023.

It's still pretty early and the Genius page for "With Love From" doesn't have a ton of insight yet, but it's straightforward. As the press release stated, it's a somber song with a bit of a Western feel to it. "We wanted to make a record that kind of dug deeper into Americana folk music, and we're not claiming that this record is among the American greats, but we did our best in telling our story and staying true to who we are as songwriters and musicians," Aly Michalka told Variety. 

The first verse opens with lyrics "hiding out in Missouri" (which could be heard as "misery"). They're wandering in a nomadic way, packing all of their belongings and a "one-way fare" and thinking about the past. The second verse is pretty similar. The chorus and bridge are the most vulnerable. "I told you that I'd change, But I guess I never did" is repeated and the bridge is haunting, almost chant-like. Aly & AJ want closure for whatever happened in their past. All of this running is kind of scaring them. The bridge ends with "I'm getting older, over and over," an acknowledgment that time is moving and their love is just a memory. The final line of the song is "That's why I wrote you, with love from Missouri." It's a song about memories and regrets, along with wandering through the concepts of pain and growing older.


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