È abbastanza normale che le star di Hollywood maschi si trasformino drammaticamente in peso per i loro ruoli. Questo è un viaggio che la star di “Stranger Things” David Harbour ha intrapreso per un po’ di tempo. Harbour ha rivelato al New York Times nel 2021 che, avendo già guadagnato peso per il suo ruolo nello show di Netflix, ha guadagnato ancora di più per interpretare un supersoldato in pensione in “Black Widow” della Marvel. “Ero tipo, ‘Usiamo il peso.’ Così ho iniziato a mangiare ancora di più. Sono salito a 280 libbre e l’ho adorato”, ha detto Harbour all’outlet.

Nonetheless — as viewers of "Stranger Things" Season 4 probably know — Harbour underwent another stunning transformation recently.

David Harbour lost a jaw-dropping amount of weight

If you are caught up on "Stranger Things" Season 4, then you know that (tiny spoiler) David Harbour is looking svelte again as Hawkins police chief Jim Hopper. Imprisoned in Russia for a year by the premiere, Hopper apparently has also shed most, if not all, of the weight he gained the past three seasons. On a July 4 episode of "BBC Breakfast" (per the Daily Mail) Harbour confirmed as much, revealing, "At the end of season three I was about 270 pounds and then when we came into this season I was 190." What a steep drop! Pressed for his dieting secrets, Harbour quipped, "It's a lot of not eating... and being hungry" and emphasized that his weight loss journey was "not easy." 

Often dubbed by thirsty fans as having the definitive "dad bod" over the last few years, Harbour told People in 2018 that he has a "funny relationship" with the term. "I sort of love it and the reason why I love it is actually very serious," he explained, continuing, "I love the idea of real bodies on television." Harbour, discovering that people were idolizing his "dad bod" on "Stranger Things," said that he himself is "sick of these bodies on television that are impossibly thin." While he doesn't want people to "be unhealthy," either, Harbour told People that he just wants "people to feel good in their bodies." Hear, hear.


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