La star di “90 Day Fiance” Deavan Clegg ha condiviso un grande aggiornamento sullo stato della sua relazione e si è separata con Jihoon Lee. Lee, originario della Corea del Sud, è stato l’unico a confermare che la loro storia d’amore non aveva funzionato, rivelando la notizia durante una sessione di Instagram Live nell’agosto 2020 mentre la seconda stagione di “90 Day Fiance: The Other Way” era ancora in onda . Lo spin-off di “90 Day Fiance” ha visto la metà di una coppia trasferirsi dall’America al paese del loro partner, con Clegg che si è trasferito a Seoul.

"So, I can't tell everything because the show [is] not finished. They will be happy and I need to be happy. Just, I will live my own life. If you lost [a] lover, boy [or] girl. So sad, but you can start again," Lee said during the livestream (via In Touch). The reality star also shared more on who would get custody Taeyang, before adding, "We are living our own life, that's our future. So just keep watching. Just keep [supporting] [me] getting [a] better life and please pray for Deavan and Taeyang, [for] their family life."

Things appear to break down between the two in the months that followed, with Clegg claiming in a December 2020 Instagram comment that Lee had allegedly blocked her. "It's been five months since he's tried to ask about Taeyang," she claimed (via Screen Rant). But now, Clegg has revealed plenty more about what's really going on between her and Lee.

It's officially over for Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee

Deavan Clegg took to Instagram Stories on May 23 to announce that she's officially divorced from Jihoon Lee, describing it as "an almost 2-year battle" and she "couldn't be happier" to be legally single. Clegg didn't shy away from sharing details of the divorce drama, either. "This journey was very difficult and draining. After my ex had fired his lawyer he never showed up to court not took up visits. After almost a year of the judge postponing and extending dates for my ex to respond. We finally made it to court," she wrote. Clegg also confirmed that she had custody of their son, Taeyang, and explained that she'd be revealing even more about what really happened as she planned to film a video discussing her experience.

Clegg's announcement came around a year and a half after an In Touch insider revealed that things had turned nasty. A source claimed in December 2020 the two were not on speaking terms, alleging, "Things are very messy with the divorce right now. The papers have been filed, but Jihoon is currently on the run from trying to be served them. Deavan's lawyer is taking every step possible to make sure he is served and the divorce can be finalized soon so she can officially move on from their relationship."

Clegg has very much moved on, announcing on Instagram in May that she is expecting a child with her boyfriend, Topher Park.


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