La tragica morte di Aaron Carter è quella che ha inviato onde d’urto attraverso l’industria della musica e dell’intrattenimento. Secondo TMZ, il cantante e rapper è stato trovato insensibile nella sua vasca da bagno della sua casa di Lancaster, in California, la mattina di sabato 5 novembre. Al momento della stesura di questo articolo, le forze dell’ordine affermano che non ci sono prove di atti scorretti, sebbene sia in corso un’indagine.

Aaron Carter was recently pulled over on suspicion of DUI

Aaron Carter was pulled over by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department after complaints were made that he was weaving in and out of traffic back on November 2nd — only three days before his death. However, TMZ reported that Carter was cleared after it was determined that he was not driving under any sort of influence. The outlet notes that the wind in the Antelope Valley that day was powerful enough to make Carter's RV weave through traffic lines — thus providing police with a potential explanation for his driving.

That said, Carter's life took a rather sad turn when it was reported in September that he had lost custody of his son, Prince. However, he did take to his Instagram account on October 27 to show off his daddy skills when he tried to put a child car seat together. He also shared an inspiring-yet-somber message that was full of love and light on October 31 when he wrote, "This day is beautiful. Stay blessed, be kind and have a safe Halloween weekend! If your chillen by yourself for Halloween, just know you're not alone." Soon after Carter's death was announced, many of his fans flooded the comments section of his social media with, "I am beyond devastated. My first crush and first concert, now you are at peace and not suffering anymore."


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