La cantante e rapper Doja Cat non è mai stata una che usa mezzi termini. È famosa tanto per la terra rovente su Twitter quanto per le sue canzoni di successo in vetta alle classifiche come “Streets”, “Kiss Me More”, “Say So” e “Best Friend” con Saweetie. A marzo, ha quasi lasciato l’industria musicale dopo essere stata costretta a cancellare una tappa del tour in Paraguay a causa di inondazioni e maltempo, secondo TMZ. Il 25 marzo ha preso a Twitter per rispondere al contraccolpo dei fan che non ha mostrato abbastanza amore o comprensione ai suoi fan del Paraguay che hanno aspettato sotto piogge torrenziali per il suo spettacolo. “Questa merda non fa per me, quindi sono fuori. Abbiate cura di voi”, ha twittato. Fortunatamente per noi, non ha tenuto fede alla sua minaccia di lasciare l’industria musicale, ma Doja si è ripresa con un nuovo look accattivante.

Some fans definitely found her to be serving fire looks. "Her eye makeup OMG SLAAAY," one fan wrote. Another agreed, "I mean if I were that pretty, I would also not chose not to have hair!" But some fans were not very kind about her personal choice, and that has left the singer fuming.

Doja Cat claps back at online trolls

After shaving her head and eyebrows, Doja Cat is clapping back at critics of her new look, telling the trolls to "f*** yourselves." On August 14, the "Woman" singer tweeted, "I won a grammy and traveled the f***ing globe i've had a #1 and i went platinum. I make hit after hit after hit and you all want me to look f***able for you so that you can go home and jerk your c***s all day long while you live in your mothers basement. Go f*** yourselves." When one fan replied to her rant, calling her ungrateful for her legion of stans, the singer replied with a scathing tweet, calling the fan "miserable" and an "a**hole." Well, that escalated quickly.

This isn't the first time she has addressed the backlash to her personal choices on fashioning her own body hair. The day prior, she taunted her haters with, "im going to shave my head and gain a ton of muscle but as a joke." In fact, she has been clapping back at so many Twitter trolls over the past few weeks that she claims the platform has been limiting her interactions and replies.  On August 3, she tweeted, "twitter isn't letting me reply to anything now," and shared a screencap of her drafts, which include calling other users "pathetic," "ghouls," and "dogs."


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