La creazione dei social media ha contribuito a trasformare le proposte di celebrità in una tendenza enorme. Semplicemente filmando un video o inviando un tweet, i fan adolescenti possono diventare virali e persino potenzialmente attirare l’attenzione delle loro celebrità preferite. Meglio ancora, c’è sempre la possibilità delle dimensioni di un sassolino che una grande star come Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson dirà di sì all’invito su Internet di un audace ammiratore. In effetti, il collega atleta di Johnson (e fan del suo tormentone culinario), lo snowboarder olimpico Shaun White, ha sorpreso il suo felicissimo presentatore del ballo di fine anno al grande ballo senza RSVPing nel 2014, per CBS Philly.

That's not what happened to one teen whose dream was to take Johnson to prom, even though the wrestler-turned-actor was rather generous with his own prom invites as a high schooler. "When I thought I was a pure mac without the roni, I tried to pull off every man's impossible dream. I took not one but two girls to the prom," Johnson told Playboy in 2005. The night did not end on a high note. "I wound up in my room at one a.m., just me and my copy of 'Juggs' magazine," the "Young Rock" star recalled.

Perhaps this sad memory explains why Johnson hasn't yet accepted a promposal. However, a creative fan named Mel proved that you don't need to use social media to pressure a celeb into being your date just to score a prom photo with them, and Johnson applauded her ingenuity.

Why Dwayne Johnson's prom date couldn't smell what cologne he was rockin'

On May 22, a student named Mel took to Instagram to share a few photos of herself and her prom date: a life-sized cutout of Dwayne Johnson. She and her date (who couldn't stop smiling) were clad in coordinating pink ensembles, and her sparkly dress fittingly featured a cut-out design. Mel's escort was a hit with her friends, who crowded around the cutout for a photo at the event. "Thank you @therock for taking me to prom. I had so much fun. Best date a person could ask for," she wrote.

The post captured the attention of Mel's oblivious prom date, who regrammed it and wrote, "It was absolutely my honor @smilesweetsraccoon and you were the best prom date EVER!! Great to meet your family and friends too!"

In 2018, Johnson responded to another teen who wanted to take him to prom. Katie Kelzenberg, a student at Stillwater Area High School in Minnesota, dressed up in Johnson's famous black turtleneck and fanny pack combo to film a promposal video. Johnson had to turn her down because he was busy filming, but he rented out an entire theater so that she and her friends could watch his movie "Rampage." Kelzenberg later told the Star Tribune, "The way he interacts with his fans is so wonderful ... It shows what kind of person he truly is." She attended prom with a cutout of Johnson in his "Baywatch" attire.


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