Tra le faide famose del basket professionistico, quella tra Dwight Howard e Shaquille O’Neal è di lunga data ma si dimentica facilmente. Anche se non sono mai stati compagni di squadra, entrambi sono stati giganti ai tempi d’oro della NBA, accumulando campionati e posti ricorrenti nella squadra All-Star. Dopo aver lasciato l’NBA per la squadra della T1 League di Taiwan, i Taoyuan Leopards, all’inizio di novembre, Howard ha fatto una prestazione bestiale nella sua prima partita il 19 novembre, segnando 38 punti e 25 rimbalzi.

With feud flames seemingly reignited, Howard recently sat down with Kevin Hart and addressed the latest chapter of their beef.

Dwight Howard thinks his Superman nickname bothered Shaquille O'Neal

On a November 29 episode of Kevin Hart's "Cold as Balls" YouTube show, Dwight Howard speculated that his longtime feud with Shaquille O'Neal stemmed from his use of the "Superman" nickname, one O'Neal used himself while playing in the NBA. "I never had an issue with Shaq ... I think the confusion is he thought that I was trying to take his nickname, be like him and stuff like that," Howard told Hart. However, as the former Lakers center elaborated, he adopted the moniker simply because he loved the Soulja Boy song "Crank Dat." With the hit single's risqué reference to Superman's iconic pose, Howard explained, "I used to like to do the dance."

O'Neal, who is so devoted to the comic book character he tattooed his logo on his arm, clearly didn't interpret Howard's intentions that way. When Hart suggested the two speak directly to clear things up, Howard responded, "I've never really had a conversation with Shaq ... You're right, I should." This isn't the only recent instance of Howard denying ill will on his part toward O'Neal. In an October interview on the "All the Smoke" podcast, Howard maintained that he never intended to intrude on his former NBA colleague's domain. "I never wanted to be like Shaq," he explained. The 36-year-old added complimentarily, "I enjoy watching him do what he do. I think he's the most dominant player to ever play."


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