Cosa sta succedendo esattamente a Eric Dane e Rebecca Gayheart? I due si sono separati nel 2018 dopo 14 anni di matrimonio, con Gayheart che ha chiesto il divorzio citando “differenze inconciliabili”. All’epoca, i due, che condividono due figlie, hanno rilasciato una dichiarazione congiunta ottenuta da E! News, dicendo: “Continueremo la nostra amicizia e lavoreremo come una squadra per co-genitori delle nostre due bellissime ragazze poiché sono la cosa più importante al mondo per noi”. Ma da allora non sembra che abbiano fatto molti progressi su quella divisione.

What exactly has been going on with the two and their divorce has been kept a little more on the down low since then, but could they actually now be back on? Well, their latest Instagram uploads appear to suggest that seemingly stagnant 2018 divorce could now potentially be off the table.

Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane had a 'family vacay'

Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane are back together! Well, on Instagram at least. Keeping us guessing about the status of their relationship once again, Gayheart confirmed on the social media site on August 15 that she and Dane had taken a joint vacation with their two daughters to France. She shared a shot of the former "Grey's Anatomy" actor pulling a goofy pose alongside their eldest daughter, Billie, writing in the caption, "This is us , family vacay." The star also shared a shot of her seemingly estranged husband on her Instagram Stories, uploading a photo of Dane and their youngest daughter, Georgia, with their arms around each other's shoulders, captioning it, "Twins."

So, does this mean Gayheart and Dane are officially back together? Not so fast. The vacation snaps came just two months after Dane was asked by Andy Cohen on "Radio Andy" if he was currently single and on any dating apps. The actor confirmed in no uncertain terms that he is in fact available, but made it clear he isn't interested in swiping right. "It's just weird. I'm from the '90s, man. I'm more of a 'How are you?' kind of person," he shared.

Looks like this is probably just some excellent co-parenting to us!


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