La verità dietro l’infedeltà di Tom Girardi continua a venire alla luce. Secondo People, lui ed Erika Jayne si sono incontrati più di vent’anni fa in un ristorante di Los Angeles dove Jayne lavorava come cameriera. I due hanno finito per sposarsi nel 1999 dopo essersi frequentati per alcuni mesi. Sebbene Jayne e Girardi siano stati sposati per oltre due decenni, l’ex coppia è stata spesso criticata per il loro enorme divario di età di 33 anni. “Sono stanco di dover giustificare il mio matrimonio di 20 anni”, ha detto Jayne a “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (tramite il Daily Mail). “Vai a farti un matrimonio di 20 anni e poi vieni a parlare con me, cazzo.”

The reality star confessed on television that she found a substantial amount of evidence, which included text messages and pictures from Girardi's alleged affairs. "I felt like it was years-long," Jayne said. "I know it was." And, although she admitted she knew about it, Jayne was shocked to learn the depths of his cheating as new details begin to emerge. 

Tom Girardi spent money on his mistress that was intended for his clients

According to the Los Angeles Times, Tom Girardi was involved in serious affair with former judge Tricia Bigelow that dates back to 2012. For over four years, Girardi was responsible for spending large amounts of money on Bigelow, from lavish shopping sprees to even a hefty down payment for a house in luxurious area of Los Angeles. 

The outlet reported that the attorney wired his mistress $300,000 so she can purchase her dream home. However, the truth of the matter is, the money Girardi used to help his lover out ... wasn't exactly his. In fact, it actually came from a trust account designed for his clients, according to financial records obtained by the Los Angeles Times. While Erika Jayne had already admitted to knowing about her ex-husband's numerous affairs, the reality star actually had no idea about the whopping amount of money Girardi spent on his mistress. "F*** me," she said court. 

When asked if she was aware of the large transfer, she quickly responded "No way." Jayne also took to social media to express how shocked she was to find out the news. "Wow. I knew about jewelry, shopping sprees, and plastic surgery but this really threw me for a loop," she wrote on Instagram alongside a screenshot of the news article. 


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