I problemi legali di Ezra Miller sono appena diventati più disordinati. L’attore è stato nominato sospettato di un altro grave crimine. La preoccupazione per la star di “The Flash” è iniziata dopo che è stato arrestato a marzo per condotta disordinata e molestie dopo essere stato coinvolto in un alterco in un bar karaoke delle Hawaii, secondo TMZ. L’outlet riporta che a Miller è stato chiesto di “calmarsi” dopo aver strappato un microfono a una donna che stava cantando e lanciandosi contro un altro cliente. L’attore è stato infine arrestato per l’incidente ed è stato rilasciato su cauzione.

Unfortunately for Miller, he would go on to be involved in several troubling incidents, which included the actor being videotaped dancing strangely, and a second arrest for second-degree assault. According to a media release from the Hawaii Police Department, the "Justice League" actor became irate after being asked to leave and reportedly threw a chair, striking a 26-year-old female on the forehead, resulting in an approximate half-inch cut." Now the actor has gotten into further trouble, and the new allegations are shocking.

Ezra Miller is accused of grooming an 18-year-old girl

Ezra Miller has found himself in further legal turmoil and has been accused of grooming 18-year-old Tokata Eagle, after meeting her in 2016, per TMZ. According to reports, Chase Iron Eyes and his wife Sara Jumping Eagle, have alleged that "Ezra uses violence, intimidation, threats of violence, fear, paranoia, delusions, and drugs to hold sway over a young adolescent Tokata." Tokata's parents go on to claim that Miller once flew their daughter to London when she was only 14, supplied her with drugs and alcohol, and contributed to her abrupt exit from school in December 2021. Tokata has since disputed her parents' claims and suggested instead that Miller has "only provided loving support and protection."

And while some may be wondering if Miller's controversial behavior will impact his future in the upcoming film "The Flash," that doesn't seem likely. Insiders revealed to Variety, that replacing Miller in the DC comic movie would be nearly impossible, as it would require Warner Bros. to reshoot the entire film.


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