Dato il modo in cui il processo per diffamazione di Johnny Depp e Amber Heard ha dominato il ciclo delle notizie, non sorprende che anche altre celebrità abbiano preso il sopravvento. Drew Barrymore “ha suscitato” un po’ di rabbia dopo aver affermato su “The Drew Barrymore Show” che il processo è stato “un sette -livello di follia” (tramite Vanity Fair), aggiungendo che non poteva credere che Depp e Heard stessero “dando davvero queste informazioni che nessuno doveva sapere”. Con alcuni che percepiscono i commenti di Barrymore come sprezzanti nei confronti dell’argomento degli abusi domestici, si è scusata tramite un video di Instagram, definendolo “un momento di insegnamento”.

Hot takes on the trial from famous voices didn't stop there, however. During a May comedy gig, Chris Rock, a recent assault victim himself, launched into a routine lampooning Heard for allegedly defecating in her and Depp's marital bed (via the Independent). "Believe all women, believe all women .... except Amber Heard," Rock said, in addition to one-liners like, "Once you s**t in someone's bed, you just guilty of everything." Rock received some critical backlash, but not nearly as much as ex-'NSYNCer Lance Bass after he mocked some of Heard's testimony in a TikTok performance. Receiving negative comments on social media, Bass has since deleted the vid. 

Although it seems in celebs' best interest to stay out of the messy courtroom drama, talk show icon Gayle King has now given her two cents.

Gayle King deems Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's trial lose-lose

"It's all very sad to me," Gayle King said of the ongoing Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation trial. Hitting the red carpet at The Hollywood Reporter's Annual Most Powerful People in New York Media event, King told ET of the televised trial, "I don't know how anybody wins in that case. I really don't."

King's "CBS Mornings" cohosts, Nate Burleson and Tony Dokoupil, were also on hand and were likewise confused by the live-streamed nature of the legal drama. Dokoupil theorized that the defamation case has become the biggest media courtroom spectacle since O.J. Simpson's trial "because no one's been quite crazy enough to make it all televised." As Dokoupil added, "Johnny Depp fought for this, remember. I don't know why ... And we'll be talking about it yet again tomorrow, along with everybody else in America."

According to IndieWire, Heard and her legal team allegedly tried to prevent the trial from being televised, while Depp's team did not make light of the situation. However, cameras or not, it seems as if Heard and Depp's issues transcend the television screen. As Depp testified when asked the reason he sued Heard for defamation (via Vanity Fair), he said, "It was the only time that I was able to speak and use my own voice." 


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