Se pensi che il tuo lavoro quotidiano sia difficile, prova a essere la regina d’Inghilterra. La tua vita è definita dal dovere e dalla tradizione, come sanno i fan di “The Crown”, e la regina Elisabetta ha sopportato quel carico di lavoro per oltre 70 anni.

Queen Elizabeth is hard to predict

Like most royals, Queen Elizabeth follows a strict schedule. Her appearances at various state and charity events are often confirmed months ahead of time, but as her health varies day by day, this tradition may change. The queen surprised her people on May 17 when she showed up to open the newest line on the London underground, the Elizabeth line, which is named for her, per BBC.

It seemed unlikely the Queen would attend the opening amid a bout of Covid and other health issues. However, she delighted her people by showing up at the last minute. According to onlookers, she appeared happy and healthy. 

Daily Mail journalist Victoria Murphy, who has written a book about the Queen, says that it's likely Windsor Castle will stop announcing the Queen's appearances ahead of time. "The Queen looking on great form out and about today," Murphy wrote on Twitter. "It's clear that confirming her attendance at engagements only at the last minute will now be the norm." Journalist Omid Scobie tweeted a photo of the actual press release from Buckingham palace confirming Elizabeth's attendance, describing this as the "new normal."

As Queen Elizabeth's public appearances become more sporadic, she's been leaning on her heirs. In May, she called on Prince William to visit the UAE on her behalf to offer condolences at the recent death of their president. The same month her son Prince Charles also delivered the Queen's traditional speech to open Parliament.


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