A seguito delle accuse di relazione, i conduttori di “Good Morning America” ​​Amy Robach e TJ Holmes hanno ripreso i loro posti nello show come se nulla fosse accaduto. Per Us Weekly, solo un giorno dopo che la loro presunta relazione ha fatto notizia, i due co-conduttori si sono seduti accanto alla dottoressa Jennifer Ashton e Robach hanno scherzato: “È venerdì sera”. Holmes ha chiesto: “Chi non vede l’ora che arrivi il fine settimana?” Robach alzò la mano e rispose: “Certo che lo siamo”.

GMA fans are finding clues that Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes have been smitten for some time

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes' rumored romanced allegedly started in March 2022 while they were training for the New York City Half Marathon, per Page Six. However, a source told Us Weekly that the two always had a close relationship. "They always had a spark and their work trips away together brought them even closer," the insider revealed. Now, "Good Morning America" fans are finding clues that might reveal Holmes and Robach were secretly carrying a torch for each other.

On Twitter user shared a video of Robach and Holmes joking about being the "pacer" versus the "pacee" for their half marathon. "But we're gonna both be finishers and that's what counts," Robach quipped, which left Holmes speechless. Another shared a clip of a guest on "GMA" who told Holmes, "Prolonged physical touch like hand holding for ten minutes has been shown to not only decrease cortisol for both men and women, but also decrease your heart rate, your blood pressure, and rates of anxiety." Although Robach wasn't present, the guest suggested that the two anchors hold hands the following day. Holmes joked that his heart rate was going to be "through the roof."

Back in October 2021, an eagle-eyed Twitter user wrote, "GMA 3. Amy robach has a serious crush on [Holmes]. Watch how she look and stare at him throughout the show. If they have not slept with each other. They will soon." It seems there's something to be said for on-air chemistry.


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