Justin Bieber ha recentemente annunciato su Instagram che gli è stata diagnosticata la sindrome di Ramsay-Hunt, un disturbo causato da un virus raro che può portare alla paralisi facciale. La diagnosi ha portato Justin a cancellare gli spettacoli del suo Justice World Tour e prendersi del tempo per riposarsi prima di rendere pubbliche le notizie. Nel video di quasi tre minuti, dopo aver spiegato il disturbo, ha continuato a scusarsi con i suoi fan, aggiungendo: “Quindi, per coloro che sono frustrati dalle mie cancellazioni dei prossimi spettacoli, sono solo fisicamente, ovviamente, non in grado di farli. Questo è piuttosto serio come puoi vedere, ma ovviamente il mio corpo mi sta dicendo che devo rallentare e spero che voi ragazzi capiate. “

A barrage of support immediately flooded the comments section, with stars including DJ Khaled, Addison Rae, Kehlani, and more sending him well wishes in addition to his millions of Beliebers. This health update is not long after his wife, Hailey Bieber, had her own health scare back in March when she was hospitalized for a blood clot in her brain, which led to a mini-stroke. According to Rolling Stone, anti-vaxxers have unfortunately had a field day with the couple's recent health issues, attributing them to the COVID-19 vaccine without much evidence.

While many were excited to see the "Stay" singer on his new tour, fans will surely understand the need to put his health first and receive more information on his diagnosis. Fortunately for the Beliebers, that might come sooner than they thought.

Hailey Bieber says Justin is 'getting better every day'

Shortly after Justin Bieber announced his Ramsay-Hunt syndrome diagnosis, Hailey Bieber is spreading some good news. On Wednesday, June 15, she appeared on "Good Morning America" to promote her new skincare line, Rhode, and provide an update on her husband's health.

"He's doing really well, he is getting better every single day," she revealed. "He's feeling a lot better, and obviously it's just a very scary and random situation to happen. But he's gonna be totally okay and I'm just grateful that he's fine." On the outpour of support, she added, "The support has just been really amazing, from fans, friends, family. Like, every single person has sent well wishes, advice, recommendations." Hailey also spoke on her own health, saying she's "feeling a lot better" and giving herself time to heal after having a procedure done to close a hole in her heart. 

Between the overwhelming support from fans as well as his faith, Justin has plenty of encouragement throughout his recovery. Following his announcement, Justin took to his Instagram Story to write, "Each day has gotten better and through all of the discomfort, I have found comfort in the one who designed me and knows me. I'm reminded He knows all of me."


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