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Hilaria Baldwin sostiene che il preoccupante incidente dei paparazzi ha coinvolto sua figlia


Le lotte e le risse di Alec e Hilaria Baldwin con i paparazzi nel corso degli anni sono state ben documentate. L’attore ha bloccato un fotografo su un’auto dopo un acceso alterco nel 2013, secondo ABC News, e ha anche perso la calma con un altro papà che non riusciva a smettere di fotografare sua moglie nel 2016.

And while the Baldwin's battle with the paparazzi seems to be ongoing (as the actor even pushed another paparazzo when he asked about the "Rust" investigation in December), Hilaria just shared a new troubling experience she had with a photographer. But this time around, her daughter was present during the disturbing ordeal.

Hilaria Baldwin's rude encounter

Hilaria Baldwin recently took to her Instagram Story to detail an encounter with a paparazzo who apparently made a "sexually inappropriate gesture" while her daughter Carmen was with her. Hilaria said that at first she couldn't help but feel super angry about the whole ordeal and wanted to call out the photog on Instagram but decided against it. But that hasn't stopped her from feeling incredibly upset that her daughter had to witness it. 

She wrote (via Yahoo), "I feel like a little bit of Carmen's innocence was taken from her today when I had to explain this to her." She then went on to say that she believes the paparazzi business does nothing more than "stalk and harass" people to sell photos. "So as a mom, I get really mad. As a woman, I get mad. Because, guess what??? 'Celebs! They are just like us!!!'"

Hilaria is no stranger to paparazzi problems with her children, either. In December, she took to Instagram to clear the air on a fake story that circulated around the media at the time. "Someone just told me that the ny post and other tabloids said I got pulled over. THIS IS NOT TRUE AND A LIE," she wrote. She also called out one specific pap who consistently followed her and her family around, even going as far as taking pictures of their kids "in their underwear" and also sneaking onto their horse farm.

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