Kim Kardashian è molte cose. È una star dei reality. È un’imprenditrice. È una conduttrice di “Saturday Night Live” una tantum. Ma la lista A con più trattini è anche una mamma, e due dei suoi quattro figli sono stati così gentili da ricordarlo al mondo intero durante la sua ultima apparizione in “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon”.

Saint and Psalm interrupted Kim Kardashian's Jimmy Fallon interview

Right as Kim Kardashian was in the middle of making a joke about her own lack of "SNL" knowledge, Jimmy Fallon interrupted her with, "I'm hearing kids." Kardashian then turned around to address said kids, "Guys can you stop?" She gently scolded, "This is like your first time at work with me, please!" The camera then cut to Kardashian's sons, Saint and Psalm and her business partner Tracy Romulus's daughter, looking adorable in their little masks. "My two boys are here and I can hear them making so much noise," Kardashian explained. "Guys this is your first time at work with me, don't mess this up!"

This is yet another example of the fact that kids are gonna be kids no matter who they are or where you take them. Other recent examples include Blue Ivy Carter being mortified by her father Jay-Z at a basketball game (via ESPN), the inimitable Prince Louis's antics at his grandmother the queen's Platinum Jubilee, and Psalm and Saint West on their mother's Instagram Live shortly before their "Tonight Show" interruption.

"Hi, weirdos," Saint exclaimed on the live video after Kardashian asked him to greet her followers. "Stop it," she warned, before Saint retaliated, "If you're watching this, I hate you!"


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