Il rapper Coolio, noto soprattutto per il suo popolare singolo “Gangsta’s Paradise”, è tragicamente morto il 28 settembre a 59 anni (secondo ABC News). Secondo quanto riferito, la giornata è stata normale come qualsiasi altra: Coolio è andato a trovare un amico a Los Angeles, ma le cose, sfortunatamente, hanno preso una piega oscura. Il rapper è stato trovato insensibile dopo non essere uscito dal bagno per un po’ di tempo e i medici sono stati immediatamente chiamati sul posto dove alla fine è stato dichiarato morto. Secondo TMZ, le forze dell’ordine non hanno trovato “droga o armamentario per la droga” in casa e, sebbene sia stata aperta un’indagine dopo la morte di Coolio, le autorità non sospettano al momento un atto scorretto.

Countless artists and creatives in the entertainment industry have shared their condolences online. LL Cool J tweeted, "Rest in power my brother. @Coolio Love & Respect." "Weird Al" Yankovic, who famously parodied the rapper's hit "Gangsta's Paradise," simply tweeted "RIP Coolio" with a photo of the pair embracing. Now, new unfortunate details about the rapper's tragic death have been shared.

Emotional details about Coolio's death have emerged

After Coolio was found unresponsive in his friend's downtown Los Angeles home, paramedics arrived on the scene and did everything they could to save the iconic rapper. According to a new report by TMZ, EMTs desperately tried to revive Coolio and performed CPR on him for approximately 45 minutes before he was unfortunately pronounced dead. The 59-year-old resided in Las Vegas but was visiting California to attend to matters with his passport, which he needed to be addressed before the upcoming shows he had scheduled in Europe.

Coolio's manager told TMZ that the rapper appears to have suffered a heart attack, but the outlet was unable to confirm the validity of that statement. "As far as what I know now is that he was at a friend's house and was in his bathroom and had a heart attack," Jarez Posey, Coolio's manager, said in a statement (via CNBC). The official cause of death has yet to be confirmed, although "paramedics suspect cardiac arrest," according to Entertainment Tonight. The Los Angeles coroner's office will be working to determine the cause of death in the following weeks.

Michelle Pfeiffer, who collaborated with the rapper in the past, posted a heartfelt tribute on Instagram and concluded her message by saying, "Sending love and light to his family. Rest in Power, Artis Leon Ivey Jr." According to the New York Post, Coolio is survived by his 10 children.


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