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I fan di Taylor Swift fanno causa a Ticketmaster dopo la prevendita del Disastrous Eras Tour


L’inferno non ha furia come un fan di Taylor Swift disprezzato. Migliaia di Swifties sono ancora lividi per la disastrosa emissione dei biglietti del prossimo tour “The Eras” del cantante, e ora un gruppo di fan sta facendo causa a Ticketmaster per aver reso il processo difficile per tutti.

Taylor Swift fans accused Ticketmaster of fraud

Taylor Swift fans are convinced that Ticketmaster wasn't being entirely truthful in their explanation about the botched "Eras" tour ticketing. According to Deadline, a handful of Swifties are taking the ticketing powerhouse to task for "fraud, price-fixing, and antitrust violations." The fuming fans claim that the company was deceitful, as their system enables scalpers to hoard tickets, which are resold at much-higher prices on secondary markets. Per the suit, the company was "eager to allow" resellers to gain access to the presale, and they had "taken steps to make additional profit from the scalped tickets."

This lawsuit comes on the heels of a Justice Department antitrust investigation into Ticketmaster's parent company, Live Nation. As The New York Times reports, officials will be looking at whether the company has a monopoly over its industry and whether it has taken advantage of its position for profit's sake. 

Unsurprisingly, Swift is siding with her fans. The "Anti-Hero" singer recently broke her silence on the ticketing fiasco to express her disappointment, revealing that her team was assured by Ticketmaster that they could keep up with the demand. The singer described the experience as "excruciating," but she hopes to "provide more opportunities for us to all get together and sing these songs" in the future (via NBC News).

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