Ultimamente, Brad Pitt è stato prenotato e impegnato. La star di Hollywood ha anche ucciso nel reparto moda, portando un senso distintivo dello stile agli eventi promozionali per il suo prossimo film d’azione “Bullet Train”, interpretato anche da Sandra Bullock, Michael Shannon e Bad Bunny, per IMDb. Secondo Collider, il film arriverà nelle sale il 5 agosto. Mentre i fan aspettano con impazienza l’uscita, le persone applaudono gli ultimi look di Pitt sui social media. Di recente, Pitt ha mantenuto le vibrazioni rilassate con un abito corallo informale e una maglietta a Parigi, secondo People. Un account fan su Twitter chiamato il look “fresco”.

Pitt's current clothing choices are no exception. But lately, the star has opted to shake up style norms in a refreshing way, to the excitement of many fans. Let's take a look at his most recent fashion statement.

Brad Pitt turned heads with his brown skirt

On July 19, Brad Pitt strutted down the Berlin red carpet in style for "Bullet Train," per People. The A-list actor wore a mid-length brown skirt, button-down shirt, brown jacket, black motorcycle boots, and sunglasses. This isn't the first time he's embraced his feminine side. In 1999, Pitt showed off his muscles in sequined and patterned dresses for Rolling Stone. In 2004, he challenged the stigma that skirts are solely for women while promoting his movie "Troy." "Men will be wearing skirts by next summer. That's my prediction and proclamation. The film answers to both genders. We were going for realism and Greeks wore skirts all the time then," he claimed, per Vogue.

On Twitter, fans praised the actor's eye-catching attire. One user remarked, "Brad Pitt wore skirts as early as 1999 and it's always been so cool." Someone replied, "'No eff's givin' is my favorite Brad Pitt aesthetic you know there were stylists all around him wanting to iron that d*** shirt and he's just like 'Nah, it's fine.'"Another person wrote, "Brad Pitt out there normalizing men wearing skirts on his latest red carpet. Cheers, Brad." And those against the offbeat look? Of course, fans had something to say. "The number of people losing their d*** minds because Brad Pitt wore a skirt to a premiere & saying they no longer respect him probably don't remember the 90s," one person struck back.


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