Ice-T sa di avere una buona relazione con sua moglie Coco Austin e non è geloso delle attenzioni che riceve. La coppia ha lasciato a bocca aperta i fan quando sono usciti ai Grammy del 2023. Sembrando sbalorditivi insieme, la coppia era allo spettacolo di premiazione perché Ice-T doveva esibirsi durante la celebrazione dei 50 anni di hip-hop.

Ice-T laughed off a man staring at Coco

In the video, you can see Ice-T and Austin dancing to a music performance. As the two stars enjoy the show, another man appears to look at Ice-T and before checking out Coco. At the time, the "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" star didn't seem to notice the man looking at his wife, but now the whole world knows with his post. Ice-T captioned the video, "Lol... I love how the white dude looked at me then took time to check Coco out.... I TOTALLY understand.. #2023Grammys" Clearly, the rapper is used to his wife getting attention and doesn't blame people for taking time to admire her.

Just like Ice-T, many of his followers found the video hilarious. Rapper Busta Rhymes commented on the post with a bunch of laughing emojis. Another user remarked on Ice-T's "confidence" for playing it cool. Meanwhile, others preemptively apologized for staring at Coco in case they happen to cross paths someday.


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