In passato, gli spettatori hanno visto molti drammi tra gli stufati, gli chef e i deckies in “Below Deck”, ma i capitani della serie non sono sempre nel mix drammatico, specialmente in diversi franchise. Ma questa stagione di “Below Deck” ha visto l’amato Capitano Lee Rosbach lasciare il timone a metà stagione per problemi di salute. La star del reality si è avvalsa dell’aiuto del Capitano Sandy Yawn di “Below Deck Mediterranean” per prendere il suo posto nel frattempo mentre riceveva le cure mediche di cui aveva bisogno e rimaneva fiducioso di tornare sullo yacht per finire la stagione.

Captain Sandy Yawn claps back

The drama between the two most well-known captains on television continues. Captain Sandy Yawn appeared on the "Reality Checked" podcast with Amy Phillips, and the drama with Captain Lee Rosbach came up. After firing stew Camille Lamb, Yawn defended her decision to let her go, even after Rosbach called her out. "He's in the hospital; who's going to call and say, 'Can I fire Camille?' Never in a million years would I do that... but what I did do was give him a courtesy call and say, 'Hey, I did fire her,'" Yawn explained.

In addition, the "Below Deck" star told Phillips that she has tried calling Rosbach, presumably to patch things up, but he hasn't been able to connect. "I tried to call him a few times, and he hasn't picked the phone up," Yawn added. "I've never hurt him... I feel bad for the guy. He's definitely not acting his age." In addition, Yawn confirmed that Rosbach would come back this season of "Below Deck," as viewers have seen in some teasers.

In an interview with E! News, Yawn also spoke about her decision to fire Lamb and once again defended her choice. "I don't fire people unless I have the facts, and, secondly, I don't fire people out of favoritism or non-favoritism," she shared. "I fire people because if they're the one singular thing where everything else is evolving around them, that's the problem I have to eliminate."


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