Il tè bollente sembra a malapena la bevanda preferita da qualcuno che si è diretto “Ritorno alla spiaggia”. Tuttavia, questo è esattamente ciò che gli alunni di “Laguna Beach” Kristin Cavallari e Stephen Colletti ci stanno servendo nel loro nuovo podcast.

News of the podcast first broke in May, when Cavallari re-posted an Instagram picture of herself sitting on Colletti's lap back in 2020. "So excited to finally be able to announce the podcast Back to the Beach with Kristin and Stephen!!!!" she captioned the image. "We're gonna go back and watch seasons 1 and 2 of Laguna Beach and break it all down for you guys!" It's hard to say what got fans more excited — the announcement, or seeing the former couple looking very cozy once again. 

As longtime "Laguna Beach" fans will know, Colletti and Cavallari had an on-and-off relationship for years. In fact, when the show first premiered, the two had been an item for a while. Speaking to Grazia ahead of the podcast's launch, Cavallari revealed, "Stephen and I actually dated one year before MTV came, which is when we were at our best." The Uncommon James owner added that their relationship had been "really sweet, special and innocent." Unfortunately, even after numerous attempts to rekindle the relationship, they ultimately went their separate ways. Cavallari went on to marry — then divorce — Jay Cutler. Colletti, meanwhile, has been linked to actors including Hayden Panettiere and Chelsea Kane. However, comments made on their first podcast episode suggest that their chemistry didn't end on "Laguna Beach."

Kristin Cavallari hinted at a hookup

In spite of their history, Kristin Cavallari previously told Grazia about the nature of her relationship with Stephen Colletti today, and it seems the two are friends more than anything. In fact, she went as far as telling the publication she viewed their dynamic as something akin to "brother and sister." However, something said on the debut episode of "Back to the Beach" might get fans questioning just how true that is. 

While reminiscing on a reunion dinner the exes had in Laguna Beach, Cavallari cheekily asked Colletti if they should share what had gone down. Colletti initially responded by laughing, "We danced on tables." However, unwilling to keep fans in the dark, Cavallari added, "We may or may not have kissed." Colletti then played coy, asking, "Did we?" before Cavallari laughed, "I can't remember." Given that Cavallari later said she'd "let [Colletti] decide" if he wanted to share "the rest of the story," something tells us her memory isn't all that foggy.

Less hazy for both parties was the Instagram picture Cavallari posted of herself on her ex-boyfriend's lap that night. Colletti revealed that the reaction to the image had been so huge that it "basically shut down my phone for a full day." Cavallari's response? A quick apology and a promise to buy him dinner to make up for it. A small request on behalf of "Laguna Beach" fans, far and wide: next time, remember the details – and share them with us, too!


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