Dopo che Leonardo DiCaprio e Camila Morrone hanno deciso di chiudere, tanti Twitter i comici hanno scherzato sul fatto che la loro rottura fosse prevedibile quanto il finale di “Titanic”. Mentre l’attore che ha interpretato l’interesse amoroso di DiCaprio nel film, Kate Winslet, ora ha 46 anni, le fidanzate conosciute di DiCaprio fino a Morrone non avevano mai avuto più di 25 anni, come ha sottolineato il Daily Mail. Morrone aveva compiuto quell’età poche settimane prima che lei e DiCaprio si separassero. Poi è entrata in scena Gigi Hadid.

DiCaprio and Hadid's first public outing on September 10 was at one of the events the latter's modeling career provides her access to: a New York Fashion Week soirée. She and DiCaprio seem to both be social butterflies, with an insider telling People that the two weren't exactly strangers when they met. "They sort of run in the same high profile circles and would see each other at events, clubs, restaurants and gatherings," said the source. Unfortunately, they seemingly also share a social sphere with Morrone, which puts her and the rumored couple at risk of some awkward encounters.

Camila Morrone and Gigi Hadid's sister are pals

An insider told Hollywood Life that Camila Morrone is actually friends with Gigi Hadid's younger sister, Bella Hadid, and the two models have also worked together. But so far, Leonardo DiCaprio has avoided being the iceberg in this situation — as of now, Bella and Morrone's friendship is reportedly still afloat. "Camila has gotten to know about Gigi through her sister over the years," said the source. "Despite things not working out between Camila and Leo, she isn't bothered by the rumors that he and Gigi are dating."

Morrone didn't miss out on getting a front-row seat at the Versace runway show in Milan on September 23 just because Gigi was walking in it, a move that seems to support the insider's claim that Morrone is unbothered by DiCaprio moving on with the slightly older model.

Gigi and Morrone reportedly have a large number of friends in common, so it's probably in everyone's best interests to be amicable. One pal they share appears to be Kendall Jenner. Not long after Morrone and DiCaprio's August breakup, the former was spotted noshing on sushi with Jenner and Hailey Bieber, per E! News. And while Morrone and DiCaprio were still dating in 2019, Gigi and Kendall were seen partying together at a club in Miami. Morrone was in Morrocco at the time, per People, but Jenner and Gigi were joined by another famous face: a solo DiCaprio.


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