Cosa sta succedendo esattamente tra l’ex star di “The Real Housewives of Orange County” David Beador e sua moglie, Lesley Beador (nata Cook)? Bene, come star della realtà ed ex marito di Shannon Beador, sappiamo che deve essere abituato ad avere un piccolo dramma nella sua vita, ma l’ultima svolta degli eventi nel reparto romantico deve valere un arco narrativo di Bravo.

But now, as we'd expect from a "Real Housewives" alumni, there's been a dramatic twist in the proceedings!

Lesley Beador claimed David Beador filed to dismiss his divorce filing

U-turn! It seems like David Beador and Lesley Beador (née Cook) may not be going their separate ways after all, as the latter shared a big update on their divorce on Instagram on September 21. "My husband filed a request for a dismissal a few days ago. Now back to your regular scheduled programming," she captioned a photo of them together at the Super Bowl, sharing the same message alongside a different photo of them smiling together on her Instagram Story while tagging her own account three times.

But, there's a bit of a fly in the ointment, as the court is saying not so fast. According to Page Six, a public information officer for the Superior Court of California in Orange County denied there had been a request to dismiss the divorce, while also stating there didn't appear to be one in the queue to be approved, either. Awkward.

As "Real Housewives" fans will likely know, Lesley and David's romance caused quite the stir back in early 2018 because of how quickly they got together in the wake of David's split with Shannon Beader. Then, later that year came that notorious shot of the two completely nude and making out while seemingly out on a hike, which, as you can imagine, caused Andy Cohen to have a field day on "Watch What Happens Live."


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