Il mondo ha perso una leggenda quando è morto Bob Saget, star di “Full House”. Il comico ha fatto notizia il 9 gennaio dopo che le autorità lo hanno trovato morto nella sua stanza d’albergo a Orlando, in Florida, dove si era esibito in uno spettacolo comico poco prima di morire. I medici legali in seguito hanno stabilito che la causa della morte di Saget era un trauma cranico, il che è stato un vero shock per molti.

Kelly Rizzo will still go out for her anniversary with Bob Saget

Kelly Rizzo's going through a lot of tough "firsts" in the months since Bob Saget's death, including what would have been their four-year wedding anniversary. Rizzo spoke about the topic with Entertainment Tonight, giving fans a glimpse into how she'll be spending the day. Rizzo began by sharing that "it's so strange" that they would have only been married four years, since that seems like such a short time. "I know that if he were here, we would be celebrating by having caviar and champagne which was — sounds a little bougie, but that was his favorite," she told the outlet.

Since Saget is not here to pop the celebratory champagne, Rizzo will still be celebrating the special occasion she knows her late husband would have loved. "A girlfriend and I are going to go out and go to this new caviar spot and have some champagne," Rizzo confessed, adding that Saget would "approve" of her plans.

In May, Rizzo celebrated what would have been another special occasion in Saget's life — his birthday. The "Eat, Travel, Rock" host took to Instagram to share photos from his last birthday in Los Cabos before gushing over him in the caption. "You never know when something is going to be 'the last' time," she wrote. "But I'm so grateful that he was showered with all of the love he deserves." Ugh, our hearts!


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