Quando JoJo Siwa ha tagliato la sua tipica coda di cavallo per un look dai capelli corti, ha sorpreso i fan con il cambiamento drastico. L’allume di “Dance Moms” ha debuttato con la sua nuova acconciatura con un post su Instagram il 7 aprile in cui si è scossa i capelli con i ricci e ha mostrato un sorriso gigante sul viso con la didascalia “Happpppy”. I seguaci di Siwa erano per lo più ricettivi alla revisione dei capelli. “Lo adoro!!! Il tuo taglio di capelli ti porta totalmente in un mondo completamente nuovo!” ha risposto un fan “Come si chiama Voglio farlo fare?” un altro aggiunto.

Originally, the popular YouTuber had difficulty convincing her mom to sign off on the new hair choice, but once Siwa had the greenlight, she rushed to get her locks chopped. The shorter hair also influenced a fashion change. "I have learned that I like to dress more feminine now with this hair," Siwa said while appearing on "The View" in May. A few months later, Siwa pushed the limits of her hairstyle even further which had fans buzzing. 

Jojo Siwa shows off her mullet

JoJo Siwa took to TikTok to give fans a glimpse of her latest hairstyle. She filmed herself in a car with her bangs styled high before revealing a mullet. "What the f*** did you just call me 'Mullet Daddy' ... What the f***," was the audio the "So You Think You Can Dance" judge used for the clip posted August 15. Not only did she lip sync the audio, but Siwa timed it so the long locks in the back were not seen till the audio said "Mullet Daddy." Fans were divided about the dancer's new look. "Idk @JoJo Siwa ... Maybe no flame emojis for this hair. Still love ya tho," one TikTok user responded. "Pls tell me those are hair extensions," another added.

A few hours later, Siwa posted another TikTok with the mullet hair. This time she leaned into the look by rocking a fringed vest. Fans mentioned how the style reminded them of a couple other celebrities. "Why did I just think blonde Joe dirt," one follower commented. "[I] love u so much but its giving jojo exotic," another fan replied, referencing the "Tiger King" star. 

After receiving some backlash for sporting a mohawk in July, both the dancer and her mom, Jessalynn Siwa, defended the bold style. "My mom thinks it's cool and that's all that matters," Siwa said in a TikTok posted July 13. "F*** them haters!" her mom added in the background. 


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