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La marea sembra cambiare nella battaglia per diffamazione di Johnny Depp contro Amber Heard. Ci sono stati momenti più scioccanti del processo quando le persone hanno testimoniato per l’ex moglie di Depp. La sorella di Heard ha dato una testimonianza bomba il 18 maggio, sostenendo che Depp ha aggredito fisicamente lei e sua sorella nel 2015. Secondo People, Whitney Henriquez ha testimoniato che Depp l’ha colpita alla schiena e poi ha colpito sua sorella. Henriquez ha detto che Depp “ha afferrato Amber per i capelli con una mano e l’ha colpita ripetutamente in faccia con l’altra mentre ero lì in piedi”. La sorella di Heard ha detto che la star di “Pirati dei Caraibi” le ha dato un modulo di accordo di non divulgazione da firmare dopo l’incidente.

Depp's manager of 30 years gave stunning testimony on May 19. Tracy Jacobs testified on video about her former client, who fired her in 2016, explaining that Depp's actions hurt his career. According to Jacobs, the actor's chronic lateness, substance issues, and no-shows told the court it became "harder to get him jobs given the reputation that he had acquired due to his lateness and ... other things" (via The Wrap). Depp's former manager explained, "It also got around town ... it's a small community, and it made people reluctant to use him toward the end."

But actor Ellen Barkin blew up a claim by the "Finding Neverland" actor and lit up Twitter with her spicy testimony.

Ellen Barkin hurts a big claim by Johnny Depp

Ellen Barkin accused Johnny Depp of abuse during their fling in the '90's with her testimony on May 19. According to Law and Crime, Barkin claimed the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star threw a wine bottle at her. Barkin also alleged Depp's use of cocaine and hallucinogenics during their time together and insisted, "He's drunk all the — most, a lot of the time." Law and Crime also reported Heard's lawyer asked about her and Depp's "romantic" relationship, and the 68-year-old actor immediately corrected them. "Can we change that to sexual? Just sexual?" Barkin asked — sparking a Twitter tsunami.

One trial watcher tweeted: "She hasn't had any dealings with Depp since the early 90's and she is up here testifying against him." Another Twitter user wrote: "Ellen Barkin was kinda sad tbh. She tried wrecking Johnny Depp but just looked like a wreck to me." Another tweeted: "Are we sure Ellen Barkin didn't just want to humblebrag about nailing Johnny Depp back in the day?" Ouch.

Barkin previously starred with Depp in 1998's "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," per IMDb, and the co-stars became more involved amidst her split from then-husband Gabriel Byrne. She also called Depp "a jealous man [and] controlling, [and would ask] 'Where are you going? Who are you going with? What did you do last night?"


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