Kim Kardashian è una donna dai molti talenti. Ha una linea per la cura della pelle (SKKN), una linea di shapewear (SKIMS) e una nuovissima società di private equity (SKKY). Prendi questo e aggiungi i suoi concerti come star dei reality, influencer, attivista e studentessa di legge, ed è una donna super impegnata. Sembra già impossibile che Kardashian riesca a bilanciare tutte queste responsabilità. Tuttavia, in qualche modo, ha recentemente trovato del tempo extra nel suo programma per iniziare il suo podcast sul vero crimine.

While the podcast may have been created with the best of intentions, it wasn't necessarily received that way. That shouldn't be surprising — Kardashian is no stranger to controversy — but the reason fans are coming for her this time is new.

Kim Kardashian stepped on some toes

Kim Kardashian's new podcast, "The System: The Case of Kevin Keith," isn't making the difference Kardashian had hoped. What began with the intent of bringing attention to an alleged wrongful conviction has drawn the ire of the surviving victims. The two surviving victims of the shooting, Quanita and Quentin Reeves, spoke to the Daily Mail about what they say was Kardashian's offensive decision to leave them out of the narrative.

"She did not contact us, not one time. If Kim Kardashian wants to get involved, she should come and meet us face-to-face," Quentin told the outlet. "We should have been the first call," his sister said. "Kevin gets to sit in jail and become a celebrity. Meanwhile, we're out here dealing with this our entire lives... it's crazy." Quentin and Quantina were children when the crime took place. Three of their cousins, including Keith's girlfriend, were killed in the shooting. Quentin and Quantina later identified Keith as the shooter. "We saw it with our own eyes. You don't forget something like that. I don't care what Kim Kardashian says — Kevin did it," Quentin insisted.

Kardashian has not personally addressed the accusations, but the production company behind the podcast, Tenderfoot & Big City TV, told TMZ the siblings were wrong. Producers claimed they had reached out, and Quentin and Quantina opted not to appear on the podcast. However, the statement claimed that should the siblings change their minds, production would be happy to arrange an interview with Kardashian.


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