Il seguente articolo contiene riferimenti alla violenza domestica.

Poco più di un anno fa, il caso Gabby Petito dominava il vero mondo del crimine. Petito aveva 22 anni quando sei scomparsa durante un viaggio attraverso gli Stati Uniti con il suo fidanzato Brian Laundrie. Il caso ha attirato per la prima volta l’attenzione della nazione quando Laundrie è tornata a casa in Florida nel novembre 2021 senza Petito, ma non ha denunciato la sua scomparsa. Alla fine, i genitori di Petito hanno contattato le autorità e sono iniziate le ricerche.

Petito's body was found in Wyoming on September 19. After Laundrie died, a notebook containing his confession was also found. Over a year after her disappearance, social media and other digital footprints are still helping onlookers piece together what happened to Petito in her final days.

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Police ignored Gabby Petito

In the wake of their daughter's death, Gabby Petito's parents have filed a $50 million lawsuit against the Moab, Utah, police department for the wrongful death of their daughter. The suit is directed specifically at Moab Police Officer Eric Pratt, according to Oxygen. The now-pending lawsuit alleges that Pratt refused to help Petito because of his own bias due to his alleged history of domestic violence.

In August 2021, officers responded to a call from a concerned citizen who claimed he saw Brian Laundrie slap Petito. After spending an hour with the couple, officers split them up, sending Laundrie to a hotel and leaving Petito with their van. Petito disappeared days later. The Petito family's attorneys released a selfie taken by Petito around the time the officers arrived. In the photo, Petito can be seen sobbing with blood smeared across her face. Despite the evidence against Laundrie, Pratt labeled Petito the primary aggressor and refused to help her further.

While seeking justice for their daughter, Petito's parents are also determined to help other victims of domestic violence. Petito's parents recently attended a legislative hearing in Utah to pass a bill giving more rights to survivors, per KSL. "The Petito family is heartbroken to see how Moab police officers failed to recognize the danger Gabby was in," their attorney said. "They remain committed to making sure legislators and law enforcement will have the necessary training and resources to identify and prevent similar tragedies in the future."


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