Blake Lively ha i paparazzi che si agitano per le sue recenti foto di gravidanza. L’allume di “Gossip Girl” ha sorpreso i fan annunciando che aspetta il bambino n. 4 con il marito Ryan Reynolds. L’attore ha rivelato la lieta notizia in un modo davvero straordinario: si è presentata al 10° Annual Forbes Power Women’s Summit indossando un vestito aderente per mostrare il suo pancione in crescita. Colora noi sorpresi, ma questo non l’abbiamo visto arrivare.

She shared the pictures so the paparazzi would leave her family alone

Blake Lively recently took to Instagram, where she not only shared a few intimate photos of her growing baby bump, but a strong message to the paparazzi as well. "Here are photos of me pregnant in real life," she captioned the radiant photos, adding that there were "11 guys waiting outside" of her home vying for a photo. "You freak me and my kids out," she added.

The actor offered praise to "everyone else" for sending love and respect her way. She gave a shout-out to those who unfollowed "publications who share photos of children," and thanked media outlets that enforce a "No Kids Policy."

After Lively took matters into her own hands, her fans showed up in droves to offer their support. "Wonderful news! Let this family enjoy their lives in peace," one Twitter user wrote, while another said, "This reminded me of Hilary Duff confronting a pap that was taking pictures of her kid at a soccer game. So twisted."


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