Pochi giorni dopo aver pubblicato il suo attesissimo album “Midnights”, Taylor Swift sta davvero già accennando al suo prossimo album? Non c’è dubbio che “Midnights” abbia avuto un successo pazzesco da quando la star l’ha pubblicato, avete indovinato, la mezzanotte del 21 ottobre, con Billboard che riportava il 24 ottobre che l’album aveva già raccolto l’equivalente di 1,2 milioni di unità equivalenti negli Stati Uniti, con ben 955.000 album fisici venduti. Abbastanza impressionante, giusto?

There's no doubting Swift really is treating the Swifties to all the goodies right now, as it looks like she could be pushing the track "Bejeweled" (which some have speculated may be about Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston and that famous Met Gala dance off) to the same fate by releasing an epic music video for the song at (yep!) midnight on October 24 — but it looks like this new music train isn't slowing down just yet.

Taylor Swift's Bejeweled music video may contain a Speak Now Easter egg

Speak now if you want "Speak Now" to be the next album Taylor Swift re-records, because she may have confirmed via the "Bejeweled" music video that will be the next of her albums to get the "Taylor's Version" treatment. Fans noticed the Queen of Easter eggs (she revealed on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" there's "a psychotic amount of them" in the video) gets into an elevator and presses a purple number three button. As for why this was so telling? Well, Swift rocked a purple dress on the cover of "Speak Now," her third studio album, and we then saw there were 13 floors in the building which each had a color that appeared to correspond to one of her albums. The 13th floor was a dark shade of purple, and, whichever album Swift releases next will be her 13th including her re-releases. Also very telling? The video featured instrumentals of "Enchanted" and "Long Live," which both feature on "Speak Now."

Fans were pretty convinced all that means "Speak Now" is next, with plenty pointing out the significance of the elevator scene. Another emphatically tweeted, "SPEAK NOW TAYLORS VERSION IS DEFINITELY NEXT, WE WON."

As for the video itself, Swift plays a Cinderella-esque character who's trapped by her stepsisters (played by Haim) and her stepmother (played by Laura Dern) until she leaves her servant life behind to perform a sparkly routine with Dita Von Teese.


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