Mentre Britney Spears è fuori a godersi il suo meritato nuovo capitolo della vita – incluso il matrimonio e la scrittura del suo primo libro di memorie – sua sorella minore Jamie Lynn Spears ha preso in giro su Instagram che potrebbe fare il contrario. No, non stiamo parlando di un revival degli sparring match sui social media delle sorelle. Jamie Lynn potrebbe iniziare qualcosa di nuovo rivisitando qualcosa di vecchio.

While Jamie Lynn never achieved anything near her older sister's level of fame, she did star in her own beloved pre-teen show back in the day on Nickelodeon called "Zoey 101." The show ran for four seasons before going off the air in 2008. Now, the quirky sitcom is enjoying a bit of a renaissance period, as it has unexpectedly shot to the top of the Netflix charts in late June, thanks to viewers tuning in to stream the old episodes. 

Jamie Lynn — who, let's be honest, could use all the good press she can get at the moment — took notice. 

Jamie Lynn Spears says a reboot may still be in the works

Taking to her Instagram, Jamie Lynn Spears thanked fans for continuing to watch "Zoey 101," and hinted that more could be still to come. "Umm, so Zoey is Top 10 on Netflix! This show, and the fans of this show, mean the absolute world to me," Jamie Lynn wrote in the caption. "I know y'all have been patiently waiting, so all I'm gonna say is I PROMISE this story isn't finished..." She appears to be saying that the reboot of the show really is happening after all. 

A "Zoey 101" reboot was announced to be in the works way back in 2020, according to Nylon, and Jamie Lynn had teased a possible reunion on her social media accounts even before that, per Entertainment Tonight. The cast also reunited for a group Zoom session during the pandemic, further fanning the flames of anticipation from fans. But it's almost two years later and fans of the show have gotten no updates. There was even some suspicion that the controversy surrounding Britney Spears, and her public accusations against Jamie Lynn, had led to the project getting scrapped altogether. "Zoey 101" actor Paul Butcher even claimed on TikTok that the reboot was "deffo not" happening — which fellow "Zoey 101" alum Chris Massey then denied to TMZ.

Luckily for "Zoey" fans, it looks like the rebooted show may still be a go ... Though nobody yet knows when or where. 


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