Jedidiah “Jed” Duggar sta parlando online per chiarire un’idea sbagliata che il pubblico ha avuto sulla sua famosa famiglia. Essendo uno dei 19 figli nati dai genitori Jim Bob e Michelle Duggar, Jed, come molti dei suoi fratelli, ha trascorso la maggior parte della sua vita sotto gli occhi del pubblico grazie alle serie televisive di famiglia, “19 Kids and Counting” e “Counting On”. ” Le cose non sono sempre state perfette per i Duggar e le ultime risposte di Jed dimostrano che ne è consapevole.

In a video posted to YouTube titled "Q & A | Jed & Katey Duggar Family Update!," Jed and his wife Katey answered some of the questions that they've received about themselves and their family. The couple also featured their son, Truett Duggar (born in May 2022, via In Touch Weekly) during the early part of the almost 17-minute question-and-answer session — and the two went from answering where they would most like to live to spilling more about their lives.

Jed Duggar can think for himself

Six minutes into their YouTube video, Jed and Katey Duggar answered the question: "What is the biggest misconception of your family?" Jed took the lead on this one, saying, "You're brainwashed, your parents control you, you're all probably going to have the same number of kids or have a lot of kids." He explained that this isn't actually the case, adding, "I'm definitely not brainwashed. I have a mind of my own ... My dad is a very humble man, my mom as well. She's just the sweetest thing."  Jed also acknowledged that his parents aren't without their flaws but that he loves them despite these shortcomings. He shared, "The upbringing that I had, of course it wasn't perfect ... Now the world, of course, is seeing that." Katey defended her husband, as well, in the YouTube video, saying, "Probably a big misconception is that, like, no one has a mind of their own and these things are, like, forced on them, and it's like, we're actually happy. We love our lives, and we make our own choices. Some of them are going to be similar to both of our parents, and some will be different — and the same will happen with our kids, too — and that's just the process of life." Notably, some of Jed's siblings have been more vocal about their individual experiences with their upbringing than others. His sister, Jinger Vuolo, has written a book, "Becoming Free Indeed," which will be released on January 31, 2023, per In Touch Weekly.


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