Jessie James Decker ed Eric Decker sono stati in vacanza con la loro famiglia in Messico dopo il Ringraziamento e hanno deciso di condividere alcune foto della loro vacanza sui social media. Jessie, che ha oltre 4 milioni di follower solo su Instagram, condivide costantemente momenti della sua vita sulle piattaforme social, ma queste istantanee delle vacanze hanno causato un enorme contraccolpo scioccante. Una foto in particolare dei suoi tre figli piccoli, che mostrava i loro addominali definiti, ha mandato Internet in una frenesia completa.

It was clear the post was causing some intense controversy online although many of Decker's followers came to her family's defense and questioned why strangers were commenting on children's bodies. And eventually, the online debate struck a chord Jessie, who decided to clap back at the critics.

Jessie James Decker is shutting down the haters

A photo of Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker's children wearing bathing suits on a family vacation has caused a complete battle on the internet. The young kids, who each have visible abs, have now had their bodies criticized online and their mother is not here for it. When one social media user commented, "that doesn't look right.. sorry, not sorry," Jessie decided to respond and stand up for her children. The "Should Have Known Better" singer replied, "it's a sad world we live in today when having healthy fit kids who are super active play sports are build muscle naturally is 'weird.'"

When one user called the appearance of her children "strange," she shut down the criticism with another reply saying, "From one mother to another. Please don't call my children's appearance strange just because they don't look the way you think they should? It's unkind" (via Page Six). Jessie also made it clear that she did not photoshop the images.

The Decker family are definitely not strangers to fitness and staying active. After playing in the NFL for eight years, Eric Decker decided to end his professional football career and retired in 2018, according to the NFL. Jessie has also always been focused on staying fit and healthy. In May 2021, she told Us Weekly that she likes being active because it allows her to keep up with her kids' busy lifestyles.


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