Joy Koy e Chelsea Handler sono passati da amici di lunga data a più che semplici amici nel 2021. Secondo Us Weekly, Koy è stato ospite regolare della popolare serie di Handler “Chelsea Lately” dal 2007 al 2014, e i fan dello show sanno che lui e Handler aveva un’ottima chimica e tempismo comico. Nell’agosto 2021, Koy ha spiegato come Handler ha fatto la prima mossa. “In pratica mi ha chiesto di baciarla”, ha detto a The Hollywood Reporter prima che Handler la interrompesse, dicendo: “Ho detto: ‘Penso che tu abbia una cotta per me, e se lo fai, dovresti fare qualcosa al riguardo e vedere cosa succede .'”

Unfortunately for fans, the sweet romance ended just shy of a year. Handler announced the news on Instagram, making it a point sing Koy's praises and clarifying no one was in the wrong. But is that goodwill still there today? 

Jo Koy says he's still great friends with Chelsea Handler

We've said it before, and we'll say it again... friendly exes are the best kind of exes. Since Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler called it quits after nearly a year of dating, the two have gone back to the way things were, and Koy likes it. 

During an episode of "The Kelly Clarkson Show" on September 21, Koy told the "American Idol" alum that maintaining his friendship with Handler isn't so tough thanks to someone special in his life. "It's just, especially when you have a kid — I have a son — and when you go through a breakup you want to be a role model as well," he told Clarkson. "You lead by example, and you don't want him to do that." Koy also touched on his relationship with his ex-wife, revealing that they are still so close. How cute is that? "It's healthy. It's so healthy, and it can work," Koy said of his past relationships. "You guys were friends before; you can be friends after." 

This is not the first time that the comedian has taken the high road. Shortly after the split, he spoke with Today, explaining how he still had nothing but love for Handler. "Just because it's a breakup doesn't mean we have to hate. It doesn't even make sense!" he said. "We were friends before this, so we're always going to be friends." Talk about a positive outlook!


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