Anche prima che Pete Davidson e Kim Kardashian diventassero ufficiali di Instagram, il dramma si è svolto per la coppia quando Kanye “Ye” West ha attaccato pubblicamente il nuovo fidanzato della sua ex moglie. Nella canzone “Eazy”, che è stata pubblicata il 16 gennaio, Ye ha rappato: “Posso battere il culo di Pete Davidson”. Fortunatamente, la star di “Saturday Night Live” è stata in grado di prendere al passo i testi minacciosi. “Pete pensa che sia assolutamente esilarante”, ha detto una fonte a Page Six in quel momento. C’era anche un lato positivo per la nuova coppia. “L’intera follia con Kanye la scorsa settimana ha avvicinato Kim e Pete”, ha aggiunto la fonte.

Pete Davidson rips on Kanye West while performing

Pete Davidson took to the stage to publicly discuss his one-way feud with Kanye "Ye" West. The comic spoke about the beef while performing at "Netflix Is A Joke: The Festival." He mentioned the rumored allegations made by Ye. "I had an AIDS scare this year ... No, Kanye told me I had AIDS," Davidson joked. The "Big Time Adolescence" actor found humor in how antiquated those specific accusations seemed, saying that telling someone "You have AIDS" is "such a '90s, early 2000s thing."

Davidson then mentioned another well-known comic gave him advice that involved jokingly fighting fire with fire. "John Mulaney called me. He's like, 'AIDS? You should spread a rumor that he has polio,'" the "SNL" star said while performing. That was not all Davidson had to say about the Ye situation. The comedian joked that he would enjoy seeing the rapper pull a playbook out of a famous '90s movie playbook in a bid to win Kim Kardashian and his family back. "Does anybody else secretly hope that Kanye pulls like, a Mrs. Doubtfire?" Davidson joked, referring to the Robin Williams classic.

This was not the first time Davidson took shots at Ye while performing. In 2018, while appearing on "Weekend Update," the comedian pleaded with the "Flashing Lights" artist to take his medication. "Take 'em! There's no shame in the medicine game! I'm on 'em — take 'em!" Davidson said. "Being mentally ill is not an excuse to act like a jack**," he added.


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