Gli ex Jon e Kate Gosselin sono stati sotto gli occhi del pubblico da quando sono diventati un fenomeno culturale di reality TV con il loro spettacolo del 2007, “Jon & Kate Plus 8”. Il pubblico è stato coinvolto nel matrimonio di Jon e Kate e nelle loro esperienze crescendo la loro coppia di gemelli – Cara e Mady – e i loro sestini – Hannah, Collin, Leah, Alexis, Joel e Aaden. Ma purtroppo, solo due anni dopo l’inizio dello spettacolo, Jon e Kate hanno deciso di divorziare dopo essere stati sposati per 10 anni dopo le voci su Jon che aveva una relazione, secondo Us Weekly. L’episodio in cui Jon e Kate annunciano i loro piani per porre fine al loro matrimonio ha ricevuto oltre 10 milioni di ascolti per TLC, terminando così di fatto “Jon & Kate Plus 8”.

Unfortunately, the public family fighting continues to this day, and now Jon is lobbing another huge allegation at his ex-wife.

Jon Gosselin accused Kate of taking money from their children

Jon Gosselin is now claiming that his ex-wife, Kate, skimmed off a combined $100,000 from accounts that belong to their children. He discovered this after he got custody of their son, Collin, and their daughter, Hannah, and checked the balance of their trusts. Being on television, Jon and Kate Gosselin's children earned their own money from doing appearances and filming. In an interview with The U.S. Sun on August 18, Jon said that Kate took $50,000 each from both Collin and Hannah's money. In court documents received by the outlet from 2019, Kate defended herself by saying that the withdrawal was necessary for her "to survive," but Jon pointed out that Kate bought a $750,000 home that same year.

"It's disgusting and it's morally wrong," Jon shared to The Sun. "Parents are not supposed to withdraw any money from these accounts without permission and without drawing up paperwork that they will pay it back — but she has produced no paperwork and no payments have been made."

The former reality father added that the children will be seeking repayment and were disappointed to learn of the missing funds. InTouch has previously reported that both Hannah and Collin's relationships with their mother — who was described by a source as "not an easy personality at all" — have been strained ever since they chose to live with their father. As of this writing, Kate has not responded to the release of the court documents.


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